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Q: Which type of cartridge can be used as a CBD cartridge?

A: 1. No leaks because CBD oil is expensive 2. Taste good

Q: What is the oil concentration that your product can match?

A: Our goal is to be suitable for CBD oil, but in fact its specifications are adjustable to accommodate most of the VAPE oils on the market, such as conventional electronic juices and nicotine salts.

Q: Do Uwowtech sell CBD oil?

A: No, it is illegal in China. We only provide CBD device.

Q: Can I order One piece for my personal use?

A: Unfortunately, we only do wholesale at present.

Q: I like your product. Can I become an exclusive distributor in my country?

A: We are open to all business opportunities but please understand the laws of your area first. You can contact us at .

Q: Can you do OEM or ODM?

A: ODM is no problem, some of our products can be do OEM, please contact our sales team for discussion.

Q: What is your transportation method?

A: If you have your own DHL or UPS account, this is the best way to transport. We have our own trusted partner logistics company to handle the transportation.

Q: What are the payment terms?

A: Sample can accept PayPal, the normal order please transfer to the company account.