About UWOW

Uwowtech is a professional manufacturer of CBD devices which established in 2017.Before that, we have 3 years experience of producing E-cigarettes and accessories in Shenzhen China-the biggest city of manufacturing of E-cigarettes in the Globe.Three years of accumulation and precipitation,It’s ready for us to set up our own brand UWOW to the world market, and keep learning make us have a definite direction in vape industry - CBD devices.

Uwowtech uses advanced technology,craftsmanship and quality manufacturing in vaporizers’ design. We look to leverage technological advances in research and development with expert manufacturing to make devices safer, with improved internal structure and flavor. Our goal is to research and develop more devices that fit for all vape oil especially CBD and THC.

The dangers of smoking are well-known, and although there is some research that seems to show smoking cannabis isn’t as bad for you as smoking cigarettes is, most experts agree that vaping is a more healthful option.Vaping is a more effective way to absorb cannabinoids than eating cannabis products because the digestive system can alter the cannabinoids. It’s also easier to know when you’ve achieved the right dose, because the effects are almost instant. In the case of CBD, you won’t feel high, but you will find that you are feeling more relaxed, and many people say that symptoms such as pain are instantly reduced.

Uwowtech wants to provide users with better CBD devices on every way. Improving your vaping experience is our motivation.We and our partners are proud to bring the newest technological advances in vaping to our customers around the world